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Over 200 homeownership education classes are held throughout South Dakota during the year by a network of HUD approved housing counseling agencies.  HERO partners can provide a classes in group format, one-on-one or online to potential homeowners. Pre-purchase homebuyer education will provide information on homebuying and financial management including:

  • Personal Money Management - Gain a broader understanding of budgeting and other money management.
  • Credit History Review - Learn the importance of your credit report and the impact it has on homeownership.
  • Financing and the Loan Process - Learn the financing process and available financing alternatives.
  • Shopping for a Home - Find out how to search and select a home appropriate to your needs.
  • Now that I'm a Homeowner - Prepare for the responsibilities of homeownership financially and maintenance of your home.
  • Predatory Lending - A must for all new homeowners! - Learn how to detect fraudulent or deceptive behavior in the mortgage industry.

Additional topics may be covered at the discretion of the HERO Partner.


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